Demo 2: How does Thbs1 get glycosylated?

Load the map:

Click on Select Dish in the KB Manager.

Click on PreDefined in the pull down menu.

Click on Protein Glycosylation.

screenshot 0

Find unglycosylated Thbs1 in the network:

Type Thbs1 in the Find Occurrence Panel.

Click on Tab until Thbs1@ERl is highlighed.

Click on Find button - occurence node Thbs1@ERl is centered and circled in red.

screenshot 1

Explore the ways Thbs1 can be glycosylated:

Click on occurence node Thbs1@ERl in the Graph Panel.

Click on Explore Occurrence button in the Information Panel - a new Tab should appear containing a new graph.

The new graph is an Xnet displaying all possible connections one step away from the chosen occurrence.

Nodes in gray have no additional connections but nodes in green have further connections downstream.

screenshot 2

The Xnet shows that Thbs1 can be glycosylated in two ways -- mannose can be attached by the complex Pomt2:Pomt1 or fucose by Pofut2. Further information about the rules and occurrences can be investigated as shown in Demo 1.

Continue exploring to show the rest of the pathways:

Click on a green occurence node in the Graph Panel - the Information Panel will display the Context Menu.

Click on the explore down stream button - the selected node will turn yellow.

screenshot 3

Click on Explore Selected button in the Tool Bar - a new Tab should appear containing a new graph with an additional step in the pathway displayed.

screenshot 4

Continue exploring until all the nodes containing glycosylated proteins are colored gray.

screenshot 4