Online PLA

We provide the ability to launch a versions of PLA remotely from this web page, if you do not want to install PLA or if you are using a non-supported platform. The two versions that we offer are:

The sampler launcher allows you to select one of seven PL models: The STM8 launcher allows you to select one of more than forty PL response networks. The networks are describe in the STM8 guide along with a guided tour of the Death network. The guide guide can be found here. The current version is version 6.0 (2018-02-25).

You can access the PLA Launcher, which will run by talking to our server at SRI, in one of two ways. You can download the client or you can use Java's webstart to achieve the same effect (if webstart works for you). Webstart comes with a myriad of security hurdles that may be too daunting, which is why we provide the alternative route. The webstart approach seems to work for Windows and Linux (at least Java 1.6 or higher is your best bet here). There are problems with webstart on Mac OS X, and the safest route may be to download the PLA Client (see below). Choose the Always trust option or else it will quietly fail.

Webstart Version

To use the webstart versions of the PLA Launchers mentioned above:

Downloadable PLA Client

To sidestep the webstart infrastructure, simply download and if your browser doesn't unzip it, you'll need to do this too. Assuming you have put the zip on your Desktop:
[iop@serrano ~/Desktop]$ unzip 
  creating: PLALauncher/
  inflating: PLALauncher/launcher-STM8
  inflating: PLALauncher/launcher-sampler
  inflating: PLALauncher/lib/iop.jar
  inflating: PLALauncher/lib/online.jar
[iop@serrano ~/Desktop]$ 
or if it went into your Downloads folder on a Mac, just click on the icon and drag the PLALauncher folder onto the Desktop. Now cd into that directory and execute the desired launcher script. You can also just open the folder and double click on the desired launcher too.
[iop@serrano PLALauncher]$ ./launcher-sampler
You may need to temporarily modify your security settings on the Mac to be able to use the launcher, but thats just a sign of the times, unfortunately. To be guided through this process take a look here On windows you may have to rename the launcher file to (or then you should be able to launch it by clicking (assuming Oracle's java is in your PATH).

Using Online PLA

Now would be a good time to try out one of our many guided tours. For the sampler these are the appropriatye tour. While for STM8 there is:

Bug Reporting

Please report problems to